Online Resources for Business Financing

Most traditional banks are still stuck with inefficient underwriting processes that seem designed to say “no” to small businesses, so it’s inevitable that new funding options have been developed to fill the void. It’s natural for these new options to make their home on the web.Alternative financing resources such as Vallexa Capital have introduced streamlined applications and sophisticated models that connect borrowers with potential business funding companies or lenders who have a real interest in funding small businesses. This is a perfect case of applying new methods and technology to fill a gap that is created when traditional approaches break down.

Companies like Vallexa Capital serve entrepreneurs who are comfortable using online resources for a variety of purposes. When these small business owners have a problem it is more and more common for them to turn to online resources for a solution.


Online resources for business financing

Specific advantages of online funding include:

Streamlined processes minimize the time needed to apply

Pre-approval can be supplied in minutes

Borrowers are connected directly to funding partners who have an express desire to fund small businesses

Underwriting costs are reduced, so more businesses receive financing

Money can be deposited in the business’ bank account within days.

According to, alternative online lenders already account for an estimated $3 billion in annual funding to small business, and experts expect double-digit growth in the years ahead.

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