When Banks Won’t Lend!

Small Business Bank Financing is Unlikely!

Traditional bank financing offers the promise of longer repayment terms and the potential for lower costs, but banks have made it almost impossible for small businesses to qualify. A traditional business loan from a bank is simply out of reach for most small businesses. Even if you have perfect credit, you are often required to personally guarantee the loan. The bank loan application, approval and funding process is slow and burdensome, with requirements for extensive financial records. The resulting delays and uncertainty lead to missed opportunities for your business.


Vallexa Capital understands that a healthy business needs to be nimble, with quick access to capital. When opportunity knocks, your business can’t wait for a traditional bank to open the door for you. Your business requires a financing option that is available when you need it. That’s the Vallexa Capital network.


Vallexa Capital Optionssmall_business_banking_main_pg_banner
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Pre-approval in minutes
  • No personal collateral
  • Available to many small businesses
  • Receive funding in days
  • Flexible repayment terms

Tradition Banking Options

  • Extensive documentation required
  • Approval can take weeks/months
  • Collateral is usually required
  • Not available to most small businesses
  • Funding may take months
  • Fixed repayment terms
“Great Recession of 2008: Banks tighten up credit requirements, get rid of loan products, and many were shut down. Traditional lenders began to ‘move upstream’ and only focus on ‘A-credit’ small businesses (those with a credit profile so strong that they didn’t really need a loan).”
Brock Blake October 21, 2013

“Trustworthy borrowers… are having an unreasonably difficult time getting loans from banks.”
Joshua Brustein December 11, 2013

“…banks don’t see big profits in providing small business loans. Community banks, traditionally a big provider of small business loans, have pulled back.”
Phyllis Furman May 12, 2014



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